Los Amigos de la Calle, is a project telling the stories of the ignored characters of the streets of Mexico. The first edition consists of a silk-screen printed T-Shirt in black and red with illustrations from unknown mexican artists and a newspaper with 3 short stories by Ana Lucia Vargas Sandoval.

The simplest creature of myself, Scenes from a 8 min. animation, "People constantly ask me what I am doing. I am really annoyed about this question. If I would have asked this question all the time, I would not be at this point now in my life."

Daniel & Rudi, A telephone book a suggestive fictional story, 180 pages A4, Digital Drawings, Contribution for the 3 week residency of the Werkplaats Typografie in the Artbook Library Sitterwerk in St. Gallen, CH

Photo by Jiri Makovec

Drawing Room, Digital Drawings, April 2018

Munich - Vienna - Amsterdam

First cigarette and coffee

Train passengers

Two friends

Mirror Drawing Andrea, Speelplaats Loes and Sarah, March 2018

Essential movements, ongoing Animations, February 2018

Scenes, ongoing Animations, February 2018

Coin, Chair, Cactus

Mexico 2018, Analog Photos 35mm

Avenida, found Type material in Mexico, January 2018

HOME, contribution for Curating the library, Reading and Video projected onto a white cloth, January 2018

The Secret Life of Edward James, directed by George Melly, was screened on January 25th in the building of the WT, Arnhem, as part of the Documentary nights.

Espacio Intermedio, Your Work in Your Work Presentation #1, January 2017

Supersize #2, Sweater, Book and Mural, Collaboration with the mexican streetwearbrand Pays, presented to the public on 11th of January at LLespacio gallery, Mexico City

The ones we dont understand, Movie 4 min., in collaboration with Susan van Veen, December 2017, Shown in the windows of Begreif Verein a temporary art space in Munich on the 28th and 29th of December 2017
Instagram Begreifverein

Speelplaats No.4, 9th of December 2017: Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, in collaboration with Yeliz Secerli

Magic Circle & Full Circle, ongoing investigations on repetitive actions

Battering Eggs

Putting a scarf

Peeling a banana

Holding a ball

Eating sushi

Squeeze the toothpaste

Day Notes on Actions and Gestures

Days of insignificant actions, ongoing Illustrations

The Street as a stage, Series of Photos, Oktober 2017

Action 1: Holding the ladder and greeting.

Action 2: Making a phonecall while leaning against a traffic light.

Action 3: Tie the shoestrings.

Action 4: Removing the helmet.

Action 5: Pushing out the boxes of a delivery truck.

Action 6: Cleaning the street with a broom.

Signs in New York, Riso printed, September 2017

New York, September 2017, Analog Photos 35mm

Cumbias del Paraiso, Silkscreen Print on Plastic Dust Jacket, Limited Edition of a carefully selected and still growing collection of Cumbias del Paraiso, presented as part of Fruits of Fraud - Werkplaats Typografie at the New York Art Book Fair 2017, Boiler Room, MOMA PS1, NYC, September 2017
Get some playlists here

1. Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto, Cumbia de Fuego


2. Los Mirlos, Sonido Amazonico


3. Junaeco y su combo, Vacilando con ayahuasca


4. Sonido Gallo Negro, Cumbia Espantamuertos


5. Celso Pina, Cumbia Sobre El Rio