While I was waiting with the cappuccino
and cleaning the stove
and rinsing the pot
and stacking the bowls and cups
and holding the ladder
and filling the pot with water
and scribbling on a paper,
I was carrying a box of beer.

Even if I am observing the sea, I am looking into the fridge.
When I batter eggs for a stir I can observe a huge cloud.
I am pumping air into the tires of the bike, because I am talking on the phone to my dad in the armchair.
Rather than squeezing the toothpaste on the toothbrush, I will plug the ears with the fingers.
As soon as observe the fish tank, I am mixing the dough for pancake.

Slipping out of the avocado core.
Removing the email.
Peeling my right thigh in a lying position.
Holding an orange.
Scanning the pullover.
Scratching a passport.